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About us

  • The founders of Dhay AL Sammar have an inherent background towards requirements of the Iraqi market and the intellectual and practical synergy represented by the personalities of the founders in Iraq and the Middle East and Europe for the purpose of promoting quality and providing the best products reflects satisfy, quality and health.

    The scientific and practical combination for the founders of Dhay Al-Sammar one of the secrets of the success of the company. Therefore reflects the quality performance in order to present best providing service and communication which promotes healthy interact clients and employees.

  • Our headquarter is located in the city of Baghdad – (House of Peace) in the Middle East – Since 2014, Zemmar has a range of brands covering the  Middle East and North Africa trade  Agent and distributor of brands for hair care, skin care, personal care brands, medical products and branded accessories.
    Far from the role of the agent and distributor step further … I took “Zemmar”

    Further step, from the role of agent Dhay AL Sammar taken a place towards the distribution for the Middle East after studying ways to build a scientific commercial base commensurate with the requirements of the region in general and in particular towards the Iraqi market, where the logistical needs in order to provide high quality of services and solutions to our clients in a manner commensurate with the requirements of the times.


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